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Your most asked questions answered.

Hearing FAQs

Muffled hearing can be a sign of hearing loss. If your ear sounds muffled, it could be the result of sensorineural hearing loss or due to earwax build-up. To determine the cause of your muffled hearing, contact us for a hearing exam.

Each brand of hearing aid has their own strengths and differences. We carry top rated hearing aids from all of the major manufacturers and will help you find the right device for your unique needs.

Yes, sometimes tinnitus will go away on its own, even if you’ve had it for years. Because tinnitus is the result of another underlying condition, if you treat the condition that is causing your tinnitus, you may experience relief.

Auditory sensory processing disorder is when you have difficulty locating where sound is coming from. This is a disorder of the brain rather than a hearing problem. Because the symptoms of auditory sensory processing disorder are similar to hearing loss, sometimes the two conditions can be confused.

Hearing aids have an average lifespan of 3-5 years. They can last you for much longer if you take care of them and bring them into our center for hearing for regular maintenance checks. Although hearing aids can last you for many years, many of the manufacturers release new technology every 3 years, and many patients like to take advantage of these changes.

Low frequency tinnitus can feel confusing because it may seem like the sounds you are hearing are coming from somewhere around you. The characteristics of this type of tinnitus include hearing a humming, murmuring, rumbling, or deep droning type of sound.